පියුමි හංසමාලි කාටද මේ බනින්නේ? To whom is Piumi Hansamali blaming for loosing her best friend?

Piumi Hansamali has posted a status in her facebook blaming some female person for losing a friend who was like a sister to Piumi Hansamali.  What she has said is, "U short bloody bitch coz of you I lost a person who was like as my sister so I hate you and curse you until my last breath". Below is the post Piumi has made in facebook.

Piumi Hansamali facebook fb

There were lots of stuff going on in Piumi Hansamali's as well as her close friends' lives recently. Piumi Hansamali's fight with her very close friend, Shashi Hewage can be considered as the first and top case which made Piumi Hansamali popular and known to many people. It's after that fight people began to talk about Piumi Hansamali. Shashi Hewage is also a popular model who had been living at Piumi Hansamali's house before that fight happened.

As it was reported in media, Piumi Hansamali had gone with Aksha Sudari and obstructed the vehicle Shashi Hewage was in under the flyover bridge in Nugegoda, and fought with Shashi Hewage. But somehow that case is settled now, and Piumi Hansamali and Shashi Hewage are not enemies anymore. Recently Piumi Hansamali had told media, that fight was happened because of the friends who told on each other and she regrets what happened. She had further said, she is now messaging with Shashi Hewage, and they are friends again.

Prior to that case, Aksha Sudari also had allegedly involved in a fight with Hansi Sithara inside Niluka Kodikara's saloon. At that case allegedly Aksha Sudari had gone with Menaka Maduwanthi together to Niluka's saloon, and beaten Hansi Sithara. Though Aksha Sudari and Menaka Maduwanthi were on one side in that fight, after the fight they became distant. Anyway after a longtime Menaka Maduwanthi and Aksha Sudari were recently seen together in photos again. Menaka Maduwanthi was also seen in Aksha Sudari's last birthday party photos, but Piumi Hansamali wasn't.

Piumi Hansamali and Shashi Hewage

Piumi Hansamali and Shashi Hewage
Shashi Hewage with Piumi Hansamali on a Piumi Hansamali's birthday

Shashi Hewage in Piumi Hansamali's house
Shashi Hewage with Piumi Hansamali's mother

Shashi Hewage and Piumi Hansamali friends
Shashi Hewage

Shashi Hewage
Shashi Hewage with Piyumi

Piumi Hansamali
Piumi Hansamali

Shashi Hewage and Piumi Hansamali's husband enjoying
Piumi Hansamali and Shashi Hewage

Shashi Hewage Piumi Hansamali sisters fight
Piyumi Hansamali and Shashi Hewage

Piumi Hansamali's boyfriend Shashi Hewage
Piumi with Shashi Hewage

We don't know who Piumi Hansamli is talking about in her facebook status. Whoever they are, we wish them to become friends and be like sisters again.

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