Rumors about Nadeesha Hemamali and Rasanga De Silva - Ahimi wana bawa dana danath

Was Rasanga De Silva, Nadeesha Hemamali's boyfriend?

Update: As many doubted, Rasanga De Silva has now released the visual of 'Ahimi wana bawa dana danath' song in which Nadeesha Hemamali acts a role of Buddhist nun. You can watch it below.

There are rumors spreading that Nadeesha Hemamali had an affair with a singer named Rasanga De Silva, and now it's broken. It appears that rumors are based on a facebook post made by Rasanga De Silva mentioning Nadeesha Hemamali's name, and a few photos that they posed together. Actually Rasanga De Silva has put this facebook post using lyrics of one of his own song, and Nadeesha Hemmali's name.

So it is hard to find evidence to say that there was an affair between Nadeesha and Rasanga except for the rumors in Sri lankan gossip media. One might think, it is just another trick to promote an upcoming visual for the above said song of Rasanga De Silva. Below is the post made by Rasanga De Silva using the lyrics of his own song, 'Ahimi Wana Bawa Dana Danath' and Nadeesha Hemamali's name.

Nadeesha Hemamali gossip Rasanga De Silva himi nowena bawa dana danath

Rasanga De Silva's Ahimi Wana Bawa Dana Danath song

Nadeesha Hemamali and Rasaga De Silva

Nadeesha Hemamali gossip boyfriend Rasaga De Silva

Nadeesha Hemamali new boyfriend Rasanga De Silva

Nadeesha Hemamali lover

Nadeesha Hemamali Rasanga De Silva ahimi wana bawa dana danath

Nadeesha Hemamali boyfriend

Nadeesha Hemamali Gossip

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