පියුමි හංසමාලි බෝයිෆ්‍රෙන්ඩ් එක්ක රූම් එකක දි ගත්තු ෆොටෝස් ලීක් Piumi Hansamali`s leaked hot photos with boyfriend

Piumi Hansamali's leaked hot photos with boyfriend

A couple of leaked photos claiming to be Sri lankan hot actress Piumi Hansamali with her boyfriend are being spread in the internet at the moment. It is not yet verified whether these leaked hot photos are of Piumi Hansamli and her boyfriend or not. Below are the Sri lankan hot actress, Piumi Hansamali's so called newly leaked hot photos with her boyfriend.

Piumi Hansamali Boyfriend

UPDATE:  After a couple of days Piumi Hansamali has now confirmed that these two photos are really of her, and her ex-boyfriend who was with her about three and half years ago. As she says, she had saved these two photos with a few more photos in a private photo album in facebook limiting its privacy only to her, so they would be visible only to her. So someone has has hacked into her account, and got those photos as she says. She further says that she has already found out who did it. Anyway naked selfie which came before these two, is fake, and has been edited by someone as she says, and she has lodged a complaint in CID regarding that case.

Piumi Hansamali hot

Below are some hot photos of Piumi Hansamali, which she had shared with her fans in her facebook before.

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Don't forget to check out nude naked selfie photos claiming to be Piumi Hansamali below!

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