Nadeesha Hemamali Leaked Boyfriend Kissing New Hot Photos - Sri Lankan actress leaked hot

Nadeesha Hemamali's Leaked hot photos of Boyfriend kissing from Song mama sil bidagaththe

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So called mobile leaked photos of Nadeesha Hemamali with her boyfriend that'd been circulating in the social media for a couples of days are now believed to be a trick used to promote a music video produced by Iraj. Though the new photos triggered lots of gossip in social media, many people had their doubts from the beginning that this could have been something to promote a new music video which the hot Sri Lankan actress Nadeesha Hemamali in or otherwise something done by herself to make people talk about her which isn't a new method in Sri Lanka to be popular. So, many people got it right this time without falling for the trick of the promoters of 'Mama Sil Bidagaththe' song's video. Nevertheless Nadeesha Hemamali had shared those photos in her facebook profile without a single word though before rumors started spreading across gossip sites -not that many people were aware of. Even before, Nadeesha Hemamali had mentioned that her latest music video is to be released soon, so this doesn't look like much of a trick from Nadeesha's end.

'Mama Sil Bidagaththe', song is sung by Ranjan Saliya and Samitha Mudunkotuwa. 'Mama Sil Bidagaththe' song was released a couple of years back, but it's now the hot video Nadeesha Hemamali in, is produced for it by Iraj.  Below are the Nadeesha Hemamali's new music video and lyrics of the song , 'Mama Sil Bindagaththe' sung by Ranjan Saliya and Samitha Mudunkotuwa, produced by Iraj.

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