Shalani Tharaka`s Holiday in Thailand

Popular Sri lanka actress, Sirasa kumari, Shalani Tharaka has returned to Sri Lanka after a long Holiday in Thailand. She has been feeding baby tigers there, may be in the Tiger Temple of Thailand making one of her dreams come true. She has also posed to photos with some Orangutan monkeys.

Shalani Tharaka hot | Thailand Holiday Photos of Feeding Tigers and playing with Orangutan monkeys 

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Shalani Tharka with Orangutan monkeys in Thailand

Here's a cute photo of Shalani Tharaka feeding a baby tiger in Thailand.

Shalani Tharaka feeding baby tigers in Thailand
Shalani Tharaka feeding Tigers in Thailand

Shalani Tharaka New

shalani tharaka new -  thailand trip new hot photos

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