Yureni Noshika`s brand new Red Panty Underwear is transparent through tight leggings

Yureni Noshika's brand new Red Panty underwear visible through transparent tight leggings

Sri Lankan hot actress Yureni Noshika's brand new red panty underwear was visible to all through her tight sexy leggings at the musical held in South Korea. She sang the song, "mage konde nathath ina gawata redde hatte noandata hadichcha kama thama thiyenawa", which basically says that Sri Lankan modern girls who don't do old cultural fashions, still have the decency and good behavior, wearing these tight leggings which clearly show what's inside, of course a red panty. People could see not only the red panty, but also the white label of the panty very clearly.
red panty of yureni noshika in transparent tight leggings

yureni noshika panty

Yureni Noshika's Red Panties to blame 

Yureni Noshika is being blamed by many people at the moment for showing her red panty saying that these type of fashion styles may ruin the Sri Lankan culture. Still we don't know whether it is powerful flash lights were the one to be blamed which might have taken people's eyes through her silk leggings to red panty. It is possible that those panties being not visible to outside at normal light conditions. Nevertheless, Yureni Noshika is not the kinda girl who gives a damn about the filthy comments people are making at. :)

red panty of yureni noshika in transparent tight leggings

Yureni Noshika's treasures all over the Purple Range stadium in South Korea

Here are more photos of Yureni Noshika's tight leggings and brand new red panties which happen to be seen at Purple Range musical in South Korea.

yureni noshika panty

panties of yureni noshika through transparent leggings

Video of the Song Yureni Noshika sang with Purple Range in South Korea wearing transparent tight leggings

Here's the song, "redde hatte noandata" which she sang with purple range.

Hot actress Yureni Noshika sang the very same song on this stadium another day wearing a different outfit, may be just the top which was long enough to cover her precious.

Yureni Noshika had been blamed sometime ago also for posting some photos in her facebook profile which you can see below.

hot sri lankan actress yureni noshika camel toe

yureni noshika hot camel toe tight leggings panty

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